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Brighter PSA App - Resourcing

Make the best of your most important assets

Brighter PSA combines resourcing information from active projects, proposals, internal jobs and time off requests to give you the latest view of your team and their availability so you can make sure you always have the right team doing their best work for your clients.

Resourcing - Current Booking

Brighter PSA App - Resourcing Plan

  • Understand utilisation trends in your business
  • See where each team member stands vs their utilisation target
  • Identify your outliers such as overworked people (who may be a flight risk) or underworked people (who may need coaching)

Metis App - My Approvals

Time Off

  • Customisable time off categories
  • Time off booking system that feeds into resourcing plans
  • Measure time taken vs time booked

So much more than just resourcing

You do the great work, let Brighter PSA equip your business for greatness

You’re in business to do great work for your clients. But before you focus on their business, spend five minutes every day with Brighter PSA and focus on our three simple steps to propel your own business forward.

Gather data; track performance; and action change with our innovative Professional Services Automation (PSA) software.
So you can concentrate on what you do best – great work.

What our clients say

Kite Global Advisors
"It's already paying dividends. The interface is clear and they provide excellent support" Larry Yu | Managing Director, Kite Global Advisors
Comotion Consulting
"I'd really recommend it to any professional services business that is looking for a more mature way to manage both operations and growth." Rob Millar | Managing Director, Comotion Consulting

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