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Is Brighter PSA for me?

If your business sells advice, creativity or support for getting things done and has between 1 and 1000 people in it, then Brighter PSA is for you

Brighter PSA can help you:

  • Spend more time with your team on the things that matter
  • Devolve responsibility without losing control
  • Focus on profitability without compromising the great work you do for clients
  • Lay solid foundations for strong growth
  • Get rid of a hotchpotch of spreadsheets and systems that don’t talk to each other

Why is that important and powerful?

Brighter PSA gives you a view of your business that is very difficult to achieve with spreadsheets and standalone systems.

For example our pipeline dashboard shows you whether you will hit your targets for the year. See how many sources you’d need to integrate if you don’t have Brighter PSA.


What our clients say

Kite Global Advisors
"It's already paying dividends. The interface is clear and they provide excellent support" Larry Yu | Managing Director, Kite Global Advisors
Comotion Consulting
"I'd really recommend it to any professional services business that is looking for a more mature way to manage both operations and growth." Rob Millar | Managing Director, Comotion Consulting

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