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Affordable 20:20 foresight for established businesses or those just starting up

Pricing that’s as beautifully simple as Brighter PSA itself. We know that the number of people in your business can change all the time. So, Brighter PSA charges only for the people who are active in each month. That means there’s no more worrying about whether you’re paying for services you’re not using.

Looking for a volume discount? If there are more than 50 people in your team then drop us a line at

Can I try Brighter PSA for free?

Yes! We offer a 1-month free trial so you can test Brighter PSA out to see whether it’s as good as it sounds. If you don’t think it’s going to make you more profitable and boost your growth, then you don’t pay anything.

Is it worth it?

Yes! The return on investment is very significant and comes from:

  • Improved profitability from better management of sales, jobs and resources. One way to look at this is that Brighter PSA only needs to save a typical consultant around 1 minute per day to pay* for itself.
  • Reduced need for admin support to bring together lots of disparate spreadsheets and systems.
  • Elimination of separately-priced ad hoc systems such as timesheet and expenses apps

Our return-on-investment calculator will give you an idea of what Brighter PSA could do for your business. You might be surprised at how much it is.

Calculate ROI

*Based on a £500/day cost rate, £1000/day billing rate, an 8 hour day and an average 20 day month. (That’s about $650 and $1300/day; or €570 and €1140/day.)

Brighter PSA Core1 month free trial available
£20 / $25 / €23 (user/month) paid annually
Unlimited Users
Sales Pipeline
Job Profitability Management
Resource Management
Strategic Dashboards
iOS & Android Apps
Fantastic Support & Advice
Telephone & Email Support
£23 / $29 / €26 (user/month) paid monthly
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What our clients say

Kite Global Advisors
"It's already paying dividends. The interface is clear and they provide excellent support" Larry Yu | Managing Director, Kite Global Advisors
Comotion Consulting
"I'd really recommend it to any professional services business that is looking for a more mature way to manage both operations and growth." Rob Millar | Managing Director, Comotion Consulting

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