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We’ll be happy to talk about the ins and outs of running a consultancy, as well as what our neat software can do to help.

What can Brighter PSA do?

What’s the extent of Brighter PSA tools?

Brighter PSA gives you revenue, profitability and resource planning tools. It tracks current projects, and records and reports on all your key business data such as time and expenses. It also incorporates the CRM sales pipeline, to give you a forward-looking view. And we’re about to introduce reporting for invoicing, to feed into your accounting package.

If you need the support of a CRM system to track the people you and your colleagues are talking to, we can give you some pointers for good, free options.

Can Brighter PSA generate invoices?

Not today, but we’re working on an upgrade that will provide reporting for invoicing, giving you a feed for accounting packages such as Xero. You’ll probably want to adjust invoices manually before they’re issued (for example, knock a day’s work off the bill) and it’s best to do this in your accounting package. We don’t expect Brighter PSA to replace accounting packages, which offer features such as cashflow and debt.

How is it priced?

What's the pricing model?

It’s really simple. It’s a per-person charge – but we charge only for active users each month. We bill upfront, based on the estimated number of active users, and recalculate based on actual usage every six months. So your costs will be predictable. Find out more, and why it’s cost effective.

How can I use Brighter PSA?

Who adds pipeline work - sales or consultants?

You can add jobs to Brighter PSA when they’re still opportunities, or when you win the work. If you add opportunities, when you win them you can convert them to live projects without re-keying. You can modify the resourcing plan after conversion anyway.

Can I use Brighter PSA to allocate resources like meeting rooms or video kit?

Brighter PSA is designed for resourcing and tracking the activity of people.

How do I timesheet non-billable time, such as sales pitches?

The timesheeting system has categories for internal tasks and time off. For internal tasks, you can choose whether they count towards utilisation for the people working on them.

Can I edit timesheets?

Yes, we can show you this in the demo or guided walk-through. Just let us know it’s of interest when you book your slot.

Can people fill in their timesheets daily?

Yes, they can record time whenever and as often as they want. And they can do it in our apps as well as on a computer. As a job owner or company owner, you can see what’s been filled in, whether the timesheet has been submitted or not.

How do I get started?

What’s involved in the guided walk-through that you offer after I’ve seen a demo?

You pick something like 6 scenarios – some typical, some edge-case – and we spend 30-60 minutes working through them, with dummy data. We do this over a screen-share at a time that suits you. We’ll set up an opportunity, assign consultants, do timesheets and take a look at how this feeds into the live dashboards.

What happens after Brighter PSA goes live?

If you want to go ahead with Brighter PSA, we’ll ask you for some data and input it for you. Then we set Brighter PSA live, and you use it, with our support, for a month or so, to iron out any questions you might have. Then we’ll help you launch Brighter PSA to your teams, including supplying template emails that invite your teams to start using it.

Can I use my one-month free trial with just part of my business, to see how it goes?

You can, but you won’t see the full strengths of Brighter PSA. It’s designed to give you a holistic view of your business. If it’s most practical to trial it with one team, we’d recommend using it on all that team’s jobs.

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